If you have any questions that have not been answered below please contact us at flowscustomshoes@gmail.com

I have a specific idea in mind, is it possible to create this design?


Yes! We are able to work with you to help make the perfect custom for you. Just simple follow the instructions on the 'create your own custom' page and we will respond to your email within 24 hours.



Can I get my shoes wet?

Yes! The shoes are coated in an acrylic sealant, this allows them to get wet without damaging the paint at all.


What if I changed my mind once I have ordered the shoes?


You have 24 hours to cancel the order once it has been placed.


How long do the shoes take to arrive?


Once the order has been placed it takes around 2 weeks for the shoes to be painted and ready to send. However during busy periods of the year it may alter slightly. 


What is the best way to clean my shoes?


The best way to clean the shoes is to take a damp cloth and gentle rub away any dirt. Placing the shoes in a washing machine may cause severe damage to the paint.


There is an issue with my order, what do I do?


If you have an issue with your order please contact us at flowscustomshoes@gmail.com